FlorestaNFT works with Carbon Credits: what are they?

2 min readApr 22, 2022


Carbon credits are a tool for combating pollution and supporting sustainable development: a strategy focused on sharing, collaboration and participation!

Environmental protection is a complex challenge that affects every company, citizen and public institution in order to achieve the decarbonisation objectives.

In particular, certified carbon credits represent a title with which companies can reduce the environmental impact of their activities, supporting national and international sustainable development projects. This makes it possible to offset emissions by balancing them with other environmental protection initiatives, especially in the poorest and most disadvantaged areas of the planet.

The functioning of carbon credits begins with the measurement of the emissions produced by a company, through an analysis carried out according to strict international standards. Subsequently, the company can decide how to intervene, reducing emissions as much as possible and converting the remaining part into carbon credit. Zeroing the impact of corporate activities is in fact impossible. At this point the carbon credits are certified by specific international associations.

Companies can use these tools to promote green environmental sustainability projects in developing countries. The certification provides for various levels through which to promote decarbonization on a global scale.

In this way, companies can mitigate the effects of activities whose emissions cannot be further reduced, with financial instruments to offer social, environmental and economic benefits on a large scale aimed at the poorest areas of the planet.

The goal is to stop the excessive exploitation of the Earth’s resources, so that a development compatible with the regeneration times of the resources themselves is possible.

To find out how FlorestaNFT works with Carbon Credits visit our website: https://docs.florestanft.com/floresta/how-florestanft-works/nft-carbon-credit-ccnft

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