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2 min readApr 14, 2022


What FlorestaNFT’s Carbon Credit NFTs are?

Carbon Credit NFT (ccNFT) are non-fungible tokens and their value depends on the number of Carbon Credits they represent.

Demo image of a Carbon Credit NFT

The real portion of the Amazon rainforest represented by the Floresta NFTs produces an amount of Carbon Credit that is certified in its production through the REDD+ certification.

This means that the Carbon Credits will be distributed pro rata to the owners of the Floresta NFTs. The Carbon Credit NFTs (ccNFT) will be negotiable, (market or OTC) or used to generate an energy compensation certificate.

We’ll add some use case for Carbon Credit NFT with DeFi partner in the future.

How many Carbon Credits are generated by my Floresta NFT?

Each Floresta NFT has a maximum number of ccNFT that can be generated every year.

The calculation of the mintable ccNFT for each year is determined by an equation between the area and the annual production coefficient.

According to our analysis and research, 100 square meters (1076 square feet) produce an average of 0.14 carbon credit per year.

Don’t you know what Carbon Credits are?

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